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Earth Got The Remedies 

" The Earth is My Remedy"

 Peace and blessings family, My name is Turiya Om  but my community calls me Earth I am a Holistic Doula, Herbalist, Spiritual Reader & Creatrix. In all that I am blessed to do "The Earth is My Remedy"    if you have stumbled    upon my website, welcome to my heling sanctuary. 


I Love spiritual waters/colognes, They are so diverse in the healing world being used to assist you in spiritual work, rituals, personal cleansing, blessing your house, cleaning your house, ex: adding them to your cleaning solutions that you use to clean with    +   so much more.



There are so many spiritual advantages that comes with smudging on a regular. From My own Personal experience over the years I have used smudge sticks    for cleansing,  purifying  and protecting myself and others of negative energy. I have used smudges  to safely to tap into different spiritual realms, connect with my ancestors,   improve  my spiritual health ,  gain clarity    over difficult situations  and  an ongoing list of so many other things. 


Used As A  physical representation of a spirit, deity or ancestor you are working with. 


I Create Jewelry    that enhances    your spiritual health, awareness and protection. Most of my jewelry    consist    of healing stones, copper and brass which all aids in  aligning you to be the best version of yourself, Mentally, Physically, spiritually and emotionally. I also enjoy creating jewelry with a lot of  curios that hold spiritual meanings and values to ones belief in self.  


A Spiritual tool used for multi dimensional purposes that holds different  spiritual meanings and values. 


Although Voodoo dolls have a negative misconception, they are not only used to do negative work on yourself or others. They can also be used to manifest positive  things into your life such as a new lover, career, lottery, order, success, confidence and number of other positive things that a lot of people   are   unaware   of.


Conjure Oils are oils that are more focused towards spirits and doing root work. The Oils assist    in manifesting, healing, attracting, protecting and connecting to different spirits and deities

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