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The Mystic Mermaid Doula

"Specializing in Spiritual and Holistic Birth Services; Redefending Natural & Organic Births."

The Mystic Mermaid Doula 

mystic mermaid.jpg

A Representation of self honoring the Mother of the Sea's, Yemoja


Creative Artwork by Nandi Barnett

Everything that I am doing has followed me throughout my entire life.  Before becoming a doula I was already practicing care for my close friends and family when they found out they were pregnant, Now I am doing it with intention and purpose behind me. I always wanted to be a doula but what really pushed me to start taking the necessary steps in becoming one was the major transitioning and shifts happening in the universe. After the pandemic started I realized this was that moment, it pushed me to wanting to create a safe space for black women to birth. A space where their voices would be heard, their plans would be met…and their entire birthing plan would be theirs and not under the conditions of a hospital. I strive to create something more intimate, sacred, spiritual and ancestral. 


What kind of Doula am I? 


I am currently a birth, postpartum & miscarriage doula and plan to be a full spectrum doula in the near future. 


What I offer as a Doula is mental, spiritual, emotional & physical support along with the constant reminder that you are capable for this experienced that you were blessed with. I offer advice on nutrition, health, and herbal remedies. I offer the most full human authentic version of myself as your friend and family to talk to when you don’t have anyone else. If you need a massage I got you, if you need a foot rub I got you, if you need a hug I got you, a home cooked meal, I got you, a shoulder to cry  on, I got you! What I’ve learned from most pregnant mothers during this special time for them is it’s a rebirthing experience for the mothers as they prepare to birth a baby. During a pregnancy a mother will lose friends, and gain some, stop liking things she use to love just to start liking things she never liked. It is a series of emotions, roller coaster rides and so many other things. What I also offer as a Doula is my spiritual services, if the family is okay with it, I like to set up an altar to welcome the baby as he/she arrives…I believe that it is a spiritual way to ask for protection from the ancestors and also include them in the birthing of the child. 

High Vibrational Foods 

Being that I am a self taught herbalist and nutritionist I know the importance of a high vibrational  diet filled with oxygen before, during and after birth. To assist you in a less complicated pregnancy and birth I offer alkaline meals and herbal care for my clients all around the clock. If you are in New Orleans I will personally come and cook warming, nutritional healing meals for you along with herbal remedies that are healing and beneficial  to mom and baby.  If you are out of state you will receive my herbal remedies and my alkaline food list to add to your grocery list.  If you hier me as your post partum doula  I will assist you with meals and remedies through your fourth trimester to heal and    feed you and your family. 


The Blessing Way

The Blessing Way is a planned intimate ceremony with close family and friends honoring and preparing for childbirth.  In a lot of African American traditions we have baby showers to honor the birth of the baby and new parents. We play games, eat cultural foods, dance to music, buy the mom gifts and spoil her with henna and intimae settings.

 Your Doula, Your Sister, Your Friend!

doula pic.JPEG

A Photo of my sister who gave me the honor of being her Doula. She was my very first client back in 2017 before I actually started my studies of becoming a holistic doula. I prepared nutritional alkaline vegan meals high in oxygen for her, we went on walks in the neighborhood, had long evening talks, bonded through looking up baby names and baby pictures of how we imagined her newborn would look + a countless amount of memories that I wont ever forget as her Doula. So to my sister Keshia, thank you for always believing in me but most of all allowing me to care for you and your unborn child... you believed in me before I realized this was apart of my calling. 

Picture Credits; The Mystic Mermaid Doula x Earth Got The Remedies.

Book Me As Your Doula 

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